Work from Anywhere Tech Talk Series: Ep 5: ‘The promise of 5G’


Over the past year, it has become increasingly clear that digitising businesses was no longer a “nice to have” but a necessity that needed to happen overnight. Technology was the key enabler, keeping a remote knowledge workforce connected, allowing brick-and-mortar retailers to pivot and begin to sell online, and allowing families to stay in touch without physically seeing each other.

Following on from this, the knowledge workforce has transformed into more of a “work from anywhere” or a “hybrid” workforce, and at the same time the need to rebuild, reinforce and enhance resilience for our hybrid futures came to the fore – and this must start with connectivity. 5G technologies promise lightning-speed digital capabilities that will fuel human progress.

In the fifth and final episode of the Dell Technologies, “Work from Anywhere Tech Talk Series”, Jonathan Ryall, client solutions field product manager at Dell Technologies South Africa, engages with Tony Bartlett, director of data centre compute at Dell Technologies South Africa, on the promise of 5G. (Watch their discussion in the video above.)

Bartlett initially explains that 5G and the Internet of things are the catalysts empowering the “intelligent edge”. 5G is the goal, but it’s edge computing technologies that lay the foundation of any move to a 5G-powered world. He points out the three major elements that come into play with 5G.

Jonathan Ryall

Tony Bartlett

Secondly, Bartlett delves into the South African context where 5G is available in major hubs, but still in its infancy in terms of availability and actual usage. Bartlett covers the three phases of 5G and what advances each of these phases will entail. He points out that South Africa is still in phase one.

Finally, Bartlett talks about the industries he foresees will be impacted by 5G connectivity and its transformative power.

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