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MTN’s David Behr

From the internet of things (IoT) to private 5G networks, MTN Group has a lot to offer public sector organisations, according to David Behr, CEO of MTN Converged Solutions.

Behr, a stalwart of the local ICT industry and a recent recruit to group, tells TechCentral’s TCS+ business technology show about the solutions that MTN Business offers its government clients, including smart government solutions, IoT (for example, for smart metering) and private 5G (which has strong applications in areas such as healthcare and education).

Although some government processes have been automated successfully and improved using technology, many areas of the public sector are still quite manual and paper-based, and modern technologies offer an opportunity to reduce administrative overheads and improve service quality for South African citizens, Behr explains in the interview.

In this episode of TCS+, Behr unpacks:

  • The state of spending on ICT solutions in South Africa’s public sector, and where spending should be directed;
  • What further role technology can play in improving government’s work and the effective management of government services;
  • The role of private 5G networks in the public sector;
  • The state of cybersecurity in government and what more can be done to protect public sector systems from attack; and
  • The public sector opportunity in the rest of Africa.

If you work in the public sector, be sure not to miss this important conversation.

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