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The Xerox Iridesse Production Press offers all the hallmarks of a digital press — personalisation, economical short runs, spot-on registration and agile production — enhanced by new, high-value, inline capabilities. These capabilities allow you to combine stunning, four-colour imagery with up to two Speciality Dry Inks in a single pass. When our customers talk about their love for their Iridesse, these advancements come up time and again. Here’s what customers have to say…

‘Many innovations in one machine’

“We chose Iridesse to meet the expectations of our customers, to sell more valuable products, and to have many innovations in one machine. White and metallic colours have increased both our customer portfolio and our valuable product sales volume. In a pandemic environment, where printing volumes are falling, it was important to be able to sell our prints with value. We started to gain more new customers, especially in the label industry. We have learned that to see the real volume of the label industry and to make more sales in this sector, we have to serve with more capable machines instead of conventional CMYK machines.” — Lokman Demir, owner, Arena Dijital (Istanbul, Turkey)

‘Pushing the boundaries with the Iridesse press’

“We are proud to be the first higher education institution in Canada to showcase the Xerox Iridesse. The Iridesse has presented us with the opportunity to push the boundaries to enhance our print capabilities, as well as the quality and types of printing we can support the campus community with, and naturally fits into our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. This enables us to support the academic mission of the university, which contributes overall to enhancing the University of Waterloo’s reputation globally.” — Randy Dauphin, associate director, operations and strategic initiatives, University of Waterloo — Print + Retail Solutions (Waterloo, Ontario)

‘We’ve had fantastic results’

“The Iridesse is at the forefront of the digital market and we’ve had fantastic results using the embellishments. In addition, the toner base is great, the registration is spot on, the inline booklet-making with crease and three-knife cut — and the fact we can duplex a nice, uncoated 400gsm — are some of the many benefits that have helped our business grow and generate new sales.” — Glen Robins, MD, Instant Print West One (London, UK). Watch the video.

‘Drives innovation’

“The Iridesse was the obvious choice as the next addition to our digital offering. We saw it as an opportunity to open new marketplaces with the addition of the metallics and clear processes. We wanted a reliable machine that could complement our drive for constant improvement and innovation.” — Marcus Bowen, sales and marketing director LGDavis (Birmingham, England)

‘The perfect fit’

“We’ve been trying to find a way to differentiate ourselves in the market for quite some time, and the Iridesse was our solution. With amazing print quality and registration, higher print availability and colour accuracy from job to job, we knew this would be the perfect fit.” — Carlos Cunha, partner, Simões & Gaspar (Carregado, Portugal)

‘Technology leaders’

“Being the first to install the Xerox Iridesse Production Press in Canada, we are now technology leaders. This new press is going to open up opportunities that we previously never imagined, including packaging, metallic and clear inks, while positioning our company as the pre-eminent digital trade printer in the Winnipeg area.” — Bhadresh Bhatt, founder and president, PrintPro (Winnipeg, Canada). Learn more.

‘Keeping our market leadership’

“Our printing house was the first in Hungary to purchase the new Iridesse Production Press as it offers unique services which can help us to keep our market leader position. This includes metallic silver, gold and clear applications in one printing pass, which were difficult to produce formerly, giving us the opportunity to provide unique solutions quickly and at competitive prices.” — István Veres, manager, Digital Press (Budapest, Hungary)

‘Putting us ahead’

“The Iridesse has opened up a new dimension in print capabilities that has changed the way we approach design. The gamut of our product offering has been widened significantly for our customers who are always hungry for something new, putting us ahead of other printers in this very competitive industry.” — Lisa Saville, owner, Hot Ink (Cape Town, South Africa)

‘Standing out’

“We always aim to be number one. This is why we decided to install a digital press with features previously unavailable on the market. With the Xerox Iridesse Production Press, we have a much wider range of visual effects available for our clients. They can really stand out now on this highly competitive market with creativity and minimal costs.” — Natalya Rukina, GM, Digital Technologies (Moscow, Russia)

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