Niger Approves Radiation Management Plans for Madaouela Uranium Mine


(Ecofin Agency) – Niger has approved the assessment and management plans for radiation levels at the future Madaouela uranium mine, a crucial step to commence operations at the site. This will enable Niger to increase its production of nuclear fuel.

GoviEx Uranium, the mining company behind the project, has obtained a certificate from the Nigerien government validating the radiological baseline studies carried out for the Madaouela uranium project. This regulatory requirement ensures that the mine has been assessed for radiation levels and that adequate measures are in place to ensure the safety of workers and the environment.

The approval comes amid discussions between GoviEx and the government regarding the start-up of mining operations. Last April, the government threatened to withdraw the mining license for the Madaouela uranium project if production did not begin before July 3, 2024. While the company had set itself a deadline of 2025, negotiations are underway to find common ground.

The project requires an initial investment of $343 million to develop the Madaouela mine, which can deliver 50.8 million pounds of uranium over 19 years. The project is expected to boost uranium production in Niger, which is one of the main export products. According to EITI data for 2022, the country’s extractive sector accounted for 7.6% of GDP and 6.52% of government revenue in 2020.


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