Make room for new memories with Huawei Mobile Cloud these holidays


Nothing is more depressing than being forced to delete precious memories and applications to free up space on your smartphone. All those photos, videos, notes and applications — gone. And if you were to lose your phone, all your contacts would disappear with it. With the holiday season, which is filled with so many valuable moments with friends and family that you will want to capture and remember forever, it is more important than ever before to ensure you back up everything on your phone.

Huawei Mobile Cloud offers a secure storage solution with industry-leading dual encryption. It supports mobile data synchronisation with your device, including photos, contacts, videos and more. You can back up and restore your data and phone settings while easily transferring data across multiple Huawei devices. Furthermore, Huawei Mobile Cloud Backup allows you to choose whether you want your device’s content to be backed up automatically or manually.

Whether you are transferring data to one of your other Huawei devices or trying to retrieve information from a lost device, Huawei Mobile Cloud provides a continual backup plan for your memories.

The first step

When installing and trying to gain access to Huawei Mobile Cloud, the first thing you will need to do is to create a Huawei ID. Your Huawei ID acts as a “safety card” to access all your information in the cloud. Once activated, you will be able to access this data from your Huawei Mobile Cloud on any Huawei or Android device – whether it be a mobile device or tablet.

Better yet, you can sync your data between two or more active devices. Whether it is your family tablet or work phone, your information will be readily available for you to retrieve, whenever or wherever you want.

How many memories do you want to back up?

Memories are limitless, so why not do the same with your cloud space? Huawei Mobile Cloud has three different packages for you to choose from for your backup plan. There’s the 50GB option for R14.99/month. However, if you wish to store your data for a longer period, you can have the 50GB at R179.88 for a year or R89.94 for six months.

Other packages include:

If, for some reason you no longer want your cloud storage, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Take control of everything you want to safeguard on your device, from photos and videos to contacts, notes and applications, by backing up all of your valuable data in the cloud. It’s the convenient, secure and easy way to ensure that you are covered.

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