Logitech e-book: Deploying and managing video conferencing


Deciding on and standardising on a meeting room solution is an important decision with significant benefits for IT and the business.

The ideal solution should be affordable, scalable, easy for employees to use, and flexible enough to accommodate changing business requirements.

Flexibility and agility are particularly important today. It’s clear that a hybrid work environment is the model for the foreseeable future. And not just in traditional offices. Industries like education and healthcare are finding new ways to combine remote work with work onsite.

What does this mean for meeting rooms? Potentially more meeting spaces, more ways to collaborate and certainly more video conferencing. With that in mind, we put together a list of the top five criteria for IT teams to consider when evaluating video-conferencing systems and room solutions.

This e-book, brought to you by Axiz, will allow you to discover how to:

  • Save time by simplifying deployment;
  • Manage rooms and devices from anywhere;
  • Gain insights to guide meeting room decisions;
  • Deliver exceptional quality at a cost that scales; and
  • Prepare for change with a flexible approach to video.

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