Interview: Colin Millar on why iOCO is MAD about APIs


Colin Millar

In the fourth episode in TechCentral’s podcast series with iOCO, the systems integrator in the EOH Holdings stable, TechCentral speaks to Colin Millar about the rapidly growing importance to business of APIs, or application programming interfaces.

In the podcast, Millar, who is MTN MAD API and Chenosis partner executive at iOCO, unpacks why APIs are becoming so important in modern business and how telecommunications operators like MTN Group as well as fintech players and e-commerce providers can access value-added revenue streams through the clever use of APIs.

The conversation then turns to the extensive work that iOCO has done with MTN to develop the MAD API platform and the Chenosis API marketplace and the significance thereof for developers and businesses across the African continent.

In the podcast, Millar also unpacks:

  • Why modern companies are becoming platform businesses and how, through these platforms, enabled by APIs, businesses can interconnect their partner ecosystems and find new routes to market;
  • How, through APIs, businesses can distribute their services more widely, integrate with powerful third-party apps, create new products and offer personalised customer service; and
  • How APIs have developed, allowing for more apps – and even APIs themselves – to interact in different ways.

Don’t miss the interview and the others in this series with iOCO.

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