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March 31, 2023
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Dutch-based Neurolytics raise €500K for its AI-based video analytics

Utrecht-based Neurolytics, a company that provides AI-based video analytics for HR and recruitment, announced that it has raised €500K in a fresh round of funding.

The round was led by the Utrecht Region Regional Development Agency (ROM Utrecht Region), VIE Tech Capital, Family Fund BarUni, and informals.

ROM Utrecht Region is a social investor that improves the access of the region’s companies to funding. It makes investments in three key sectors – technology, health, and sustainability.

Launched in 2018 by Belén Hein, Felix Hermsen, and Marnix Naber, Neurolytics is an HR recruiting tool that helps pre-select and employ the right individuals for a team and organizational culture.

The company’s technology claims to surpass recruiters in terms of speed and objectivity. 

It cuts interview times by 29 percent and staff turnover by 31 percent.

Candidates can learn whether they suit a certain position, team, or organization using a combination of AI, video technology, and psychophysiology.

 In turn, companies can hire intrinsically motivated people and develop successful teams.

In 2019, Neurolytics launched its first version of the cultural fit scan with early adoption from PwC and the Dutch Ministry of Defense.


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